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CTV gets a programmatic boost: Azerion strikes global deal with ZEASN

The partnership leads to integration of ZEASN’s advertising solutions with Azerion’s proprietary programmatic platform, Improve Digital.

This week, digital entertainment and media platform Azerion struck an exclusive global partnership with ZEASN, a technology provider of over-the-top (OTT) and smart TV solutions.

Soon to be publicly traded, Netherlands-based Azerion works with digital publishers and counts Pepsi, Bank Norwegian, L'Oréal, McDonald's, Volkswagen Group and Ikea among its clients. 

The partnership will see the company's programmatic platform, Improve Digital, integrate with ZEASN, which reaches over 150million users in 50million global households via smart TV technology. 

It has a content portfolio including most of the major global TV Apps, VODs and linear TV channels from a variety of content partners around the world. 

The unstoppable rise of CTV as traditional TV viewing declines

The partnership takes advantage of CTV’s huge growth. By pairing technologies, the deal extends the global reach for performance marketers.

Since the pandemic and the rise of Netflix, CTV has grown massively in popularity as users are spending more time indoors, hooked to their favourite shows, games, and mobile apps

It is estimated that global CTV inventory accounts for $16billion in media company ad revenue in 2021, up by 25 percent over 2020 levels. Research anticipates that CTV ad revenue will grow to $31billion globally by 2026. 

Traditional TV’s reach is set to rapidly decline as investments in ad-free or ad-light streaming video services, mostly US-based, dominate the global industry going forward.

Sandra Yassaka, VP, Partnerships at Azerion, comments: “CTV has become a dominant way for people to consume content. At Azerion, we are delighted to partner with ZEASN, the world’s leading technology provider for smart TV, to offer advertisers the ability to connect with engaged audiences at scale through premium content”.

How the deal works 

Azerion will enable ZEASN to increase ad monetisation of its in-stream and out-stream inventory through direct and programmatic ad campaigns. They work with content creators, digital publishers and advertisers to reach millions of people across the globe that play its games and entertainment concepts to increase engagement, loyalty and drive e-commerce. 

With more than 300k advertisers and a network of over 550 digital publishers, Azerion’s platform sells approximately 3.2 billion digital ads per month. 

ZEASN offers premium and brand-safe smart TV solutions under its smart home entertainment ecosystem named Whale Eco, which takes Whale OS as the core product.

Whale Eco can provide flexible services to meet top tier television manufacturers’ requirements such as Philips, AOC, TCL Moka globally or regionally.

Winson Chen, Chief Operating Officer of ZEASN, says: “We are excited to partner with Azerion globally who will help our content partners and TV brand customers to monetise their CTV inventory. A professional ad partner will enable ZEASN to focus on premium CTV inventory generation, to invite more content partners to launch AVOD channels and FAST channels on Whale Eco, and to partner with more TV brands to reduce their operation costs and to create new operating revenue opportunities.”