Calum Di Lieto Calum Di Lieto Editor, Performance Marketing World

The key to successful customer acquisition

Too many brands are relying on a ‘patchwork’ of methods and spending more on acquiring customers than they are worth.

Jeremy Fain, CEO & Co-Founder of Cognitiv, tells Performance Marketing World how troves of customer data can be used efficiently and effectively to profitably acquire customers...

In order to create a successful customer acquisition strategy, marketers first must think about the customer journey, and the numerous branching paths that exist to the final destination. A decade ago, this was easier to do: e-commerce was not yet dominating retail, so there were a limited number of ways to learn about a product or make a purchase. For example, someone looking to buy a suitcase might see an ad on their way to work and decide to visit the nearest stockist for that product. Once there, they could talk to the salesperson to learn more, see what other models were available, and perhaps by the end of the shopping session, that person would have been persuaded to go through with the purchase.