Johnny Aldred Johnny Aldred Copy Editor, Performance Marketing World

The importance of auditing contracts as well as performance

The turbulent times of the last 18 months have muddied the pool when it comes to who is responsible (and paid for) what. So what is the best way forward?

Ad-spend is predicted to outstrip GDP – by 18% for this year and 7.7% in 2022 – with brands investing heavily in marketing their D2C offerings to stand out. But transparency in all areas is vital if it’s going to be money well spent, argues Stephen Broderick, Managing Partner, Media Marketing Compliance…

The media landscape has become an increasingly complex world for advertisers. Even compared to five or six years ago, there are now many different organisations involved in the planning and buying supply chain. They all have their own commercial interests and they are not always aligned with the interests of the advertiser or the terms of the contract.