Johnny Aldred Johnny Aldred Copy Editor, Performance Marketing World

Succeeding in the era of converged TV

How the fragmentation of programming can be used to the advantage of marketers.

Complexity is not necessarily a hurdle, because it also yields marketers more revealing granular data, says Megan Garnett Coyle, VP of Communications at TVSquared… 

Due to the pandemic, TV saw some of the biggest audience gains from heightened content demand last year. But super-sized audiences aren’t the only important shift for marketers as we navigate from a COVID-19 world; so is navigating and benefiting from market fragmentation. The key part of TV’s evolution, which was accelerated due to the pandemic, is that it’s no longer bound by time, platforms, locations or devices. “TV” is now a limitless pool of content spread across screens, offering unrivalled ways for advertisers to reach and engage with diverse audiences. Today we live in a world of converged TV – made up of linear and all forms of time-shifted, cross-platform, premium video viewing.