Johnny Aldred Johnny Aldred Copy Editor, Performance Marketing World

Mind the capability gap: significant challenges lie ahead for large advertisers

New research from the WFA points to five key areas where many of the world’s biggest brands are struggling to keep abreast of important changes.

The role of leadership is expanding in the world of media, and big businesses are struggling to keep up. That’s the headline finding from this year’s The Media Capability Gap, a report conducted by the World Federation of Advertising (WFA) in conjunction with media investment analysts Equibity. And with a shortfall of 57% in the area of eCommerce and stoppable media, it's clear that performance marketing is by no means immune. 

As the use and role media plays in business changes, the remit is being reshaped to include new responsibilities. There has been a growing focus on not only brand safety but beyond that basic requirement, the ethical dimension of media investment.