Johnny Aldred Johnny Aldred Copy Editor, Performance Marketing World

Marketers need to create new predictive audiences away from Google and Facebook

Why outsourcing your audiencebuilding to the big tech companies is depriving you of a deeper understanding or your audience

It might seem convenient to rely on sophisticated, in-place systems, but are you giving away your competitive advantage asks Jana Jakovljevic, VP, Client Success at Cognitiv…

 Marketers have a big problem. They’ve become addicted to the ease of Facebook and Google – so much so that they’ve become completely reliant on the two platforms for the bulk of their digital advertising. Of course, that’s exactly what Google and Facebook want: marketers to spend as much time and money on their platforms as possible. You might think that’s fine, so long as marketers are getting the return on ad spend (ROAS) they want; they are actually making it more difficult for themselves in the long run.