Johnny Aldred Johnny Aldred Copy Editor, Performance Marketing World

How to fast-track your data

Can freedom from proxy dependence and better deployment of AI make the difference marketers need? 

Simon Stone, GM EMEA at LoopMe, says simply investing in new tools and platforms won’t be enough…

Long recognised as the heartbeat of modern marketing, speedy data activation has proved critical to survival over the last year. Marketers already focused on creating closed loops spent much of 2020 racing to keep up with constantly shifting trends, behaviours and conditions by making the insight cycle run even faster; and the sprint hasn’t let up in 2021.  

But despite the intensified drive towards agility, data use still seems to be lagging. While marketers have continued to invest heavily in new tools and platforms — with technology taking the biggest share of budgets — few are succeeding in the mission to accelerate data efforts. In fact, recent studies show just 23% of executives currently rate the speed at which they obtain accurate insight as ‘very strong’.