Stuart Derrick Writer, Performance Marketing World

Cookie-less marketing: “There is still lots of data, just in different places”

Performance marketers are going to have to start acting less like data scientists and more like psychologists as the clock ticks down on access to third-party data.

Google is phasing out cookies on its Chrome browser by next year, while the Apple iOS 14.5 update has implications for marketers who have become addicted to the ability to track, trace and retarget.

And so, according to Kash Dalvi, Digital Strategy & Technology Director at Total Media, brands need to rethink how they achieve their performance goals. “The way Facebook builds its audiences and the way you report on it will be much less reliable because it requires a collection of data across an ecosystem to understand the audience and we will lose so many data points. Audiences won’t be as good,” he tells Performance Marketing World.

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