Johnny Aldred Johnny Aldred Copy Editor, Performance Marketing World

Brand success depends on establishing strong human connections

The ways customers relate to brands is much the same as how people relate to each other. With social media, we are able to create stronger connections than ever before, with people crying out for a sense of community post-pandemic.

We are inherently social beings, says Francesca Gargaglia, COO & CBO at Amity, and brands have a great opportunity to find new ways to build connections with their consumers…

The relationship between consumers and brands is not dissimilar to the relationships between people: the more valued and connected you feel with them, the more symbiotic and mutually beneficial the relationship. We are inherently social beings. It is a critical part of our nature, to connect and form positive, long-lasting relationships and be a part of communities. More than ever before, these communities exist online and across social media applications.