Johnny Aldred Johnny Aldred Copy Editor, Performance Marketing World

The fusion of PR and marketing: why KPIs are converging

As PR increasingly employs many of the same metrics and tactics as marketing, it’s becoming easier to explain and prove its value.

PR is on the rise, and it’s fuelled by data, says Phillip Palmer, VP of Marketing at Access Intelligence

PR has traditionally been seen as an unmeasurable – but definitely important – part of the marketing mix. Vague and often murky solutions have emerged to help PR teams prove the value of their work: from audience reach to the thankfully now largely defunct AVE (advertising value equivalent), which plucked a figure almost out of the air to tell marketers an earned nib in the Financial Times saved them £3million. Goals have tended to focus on prestige (get  (+i) The Sunday Times!) over true audience analysis for the brand. This is anathema to today’s marketer, who has often stood in charge of the PR budget, but in many ways separate from the department.