Paul Simpson Writer, Performance Marketing World

Apple vs Facebook: What does it mean for performance?

Could performance marketing become collateral damage in a conflict between two "hypocrites"? 

It certainly seems that way as Apple CEO Tim Cook extols the ethical virtues of iOS 14.5, a new operating system that may, not entirely coincidentally, enrich his company. Opposing Cook is Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who criticises iOS 14.5 on the grounds that it will damage small businesses although it could also, not entirely coincidentally, impoverish his rather large business.

The face-off imperils a digital advertising industry, estimated to be worth almost $400bn a year, which has been built on a quirk of behavioural psychology. Although many of us didn’t particularly like sharing personal data, few of us could be bothered to delve into our phone settings and opt-out. With iOS 14.5, we have to opt-in to let an app share our data – and, depending which survey you believe, 60-80% of us will choose not to.

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