Johnny Aldred Johnny Aldred Copy Editor, Performance Marketing World

AI-powered data reveals most trusted brands

Household goods feature strongly in a new ‘Brand Integrity Index’ revealing the top 100 brands across 50 different categories.

The index highlights the nation’s most trusted brands, as voted for by over 300,000 consumers over the past three months. Created by AI-powered brand management platform ProQuo, it uses real-time analysis of consumers' immediate feelings and thoughts, to reveal consumers' automatic, intuitive and unconscious ‘system 1’ response towards a brand. Uncovering which brands score highest for Integrity, one of ProQuo AI’s 16 Drivers of a brand's relationship with people. This score ranks brand principles, company values, and overall brand trust perception. 

Household brands Chilly’sMaltesers and PayPal, rank as the top three most trusted brands across the UK and USA, achieving scores of 71.270.7 and 70.2 respectively on the scale, all rising in integrity over the past three months. Consumers cited commitment to ethics, clear sustainable goals and reliability as key drivers behind their decision.