Calum Di Lieto Calum Di Lieto Editor, Performance Marketing World

App Tracking Transparency: “Advertisers need to be fully ready”

With Apple's iOS 14.5 opt-in rates potentially being lower than expected, advertisers need to have their strategies in place.

According to Blis’ iOS 14.5 Tracker, opt-in rates are currently 34.6% globally, with them closer to 16% in Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia and as low as 11.8% in Sweden.

However, Shumel Lais, Founder & CEO of Appsumer, tells Performance Marketing World warns that these opt-in rates could be even lower in real terms. “Data suggests that on iOS 14.5 when you have ATT enabled and a prompt is shown, the opt-in rate can be anywhere between 20-45%.

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