Calum Di Lieto Calum Di Lieto Editor, Performance Marketing World

The death of the cookie is delayed - but the writing’s on the wall

The industry may not be ready for the demise of third-party cookies just yet but that’s why now is the time to prepare.

Carolyn Corda, CMO & CCO at ADARA, discusses why now is the time to come up with privacy-centric marketing strategies...

After a year and a half of COVID restrictions, economic turmoil and cuts to marketing budgets, there is finally light at the end of the tunnel and a chance for marketers to return to something like ‘normal’. Vaccination programs in many parts of the world are entering their final stages and restrictions across Europe and North America are easing. With countries now unshackled from the economic burden of lockdown, marketing budgets are growing and optimism within marketing has soared past pre-pandemic levels. 

However, while the pandemic is (hopefully) coming towards an end, there is an upcoming landscape shift marketers need to prepare for - the end of third-party customer tracking. Although Google has delayed the ‘death of the cookie’ until 2023, along with the rollout of FloC, the writing is on the wall for behavioural tracking. And not least because consumers are suspicious of it. The industry may not yet be ready for an imminent end to the third-party cookie, hence the breathing room from Google, but that is only the more reason to prepare now with new technologies and privacy-centric marketing strategies.